Who am I?

Hi! I’m Khaled, a blogger originally from Medium who came seeking refuge after the platform’s CEO recently expressed little to no confidence in its future viability. I have a few bylines at GEN, OneZero and FFWD–all in-house Medium publications–but most of my output was entirely written, edited and published by me.

What’s your blog about?

I’d say it is about the digital economy, content creators, with some media commentary and politics on the side—but ultimately, it’s about what I’m interested in. I realized also that what made my writing resonate with a lot of people was its accessibility, so I’m choosing to make this newsletter completely free with the option of contributing however much you like on Patreon.

Contribute on Patreon

Why not rely on Substack subs?

I’ve determined that it is not in the interest of my followers to bar them from reading content they could access without constraint in the past (at least within Medium’s monthly limit). To that end, whatever I make from this newsletter will solely be through voluntary contributions on Patreon.